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A older monster design I messed around with last night.

Monster design for my and my games use only.

Pocket Fox? Small rat sized fox spirit. Kept in pockets and sleeves.

Monster design is for my use only.

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More monster designs. Mole…thing. I have been drawing more for some reason. I have a lot of monster designs for my game coming.

News at 11

Monster design for my personal use.

Work (design) in progress.

Monster design for my personal use.

Carbuncle (sp?) 0.2

I found a design a liked for it. A more furry reptile then dog like. Looks a bit too pokemonish but whatever.

Mister design is for my personal use.

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I have been drawing a lot I just do not have internet right now

Anyway here is a creature I call carbuncle. I think that’s how it’s spelled.